Alex O'Brien (アレックス ・ オブライアン) is a professional tennis player under IMG Academy. He is one of the friends and roommates of Eiichiro Maruo in Florida. He is the brother of Marcia O'Brien and is ranked among the top 500 players worldwide. He is also the second seed of Bradenton Open.


Alex is relatively good looking. He has blond hair and blue eyes, and looks similar to his sister.


Alex has a friendly personality and was quickly able to become friends with Eiichiro. He has a competitive nature while playing and his play with an aggressive nature.


Florida Tennis Academy ArcEdit

Training at IMG Academy ArcEdit


As a professional, Alex is a very good tennis player. He has good overall speed, strength and bodily abilities. He also underwent a change in his tennis style during his match with Eiichiro.

In their initial match, he easily defeated Eiichiro. At the end of his tour, Eiichiro had another match against Alex and won due to Alex's ball dropping inches out of the court.


Eiichiro MaruoEdit

Alex was one of Eiichiro's roommates in Florida Tennis Academy. He wa friendly with Eiichiro but still regarded him not good enough due to the difference in playing styles. But later, after hearing that Eiichiro only has 2 year experience and a close defeat to him, Alex considers him a fierce rival.

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