A Change in Tactics (作戦変更 Sakusenhenkō) is the 10th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

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Even though he is losing, Eiichiro continues to fight back. Since he lacks of techniques, Eiichiro decides to entirely focus on Oobayashi and starts predicting his moves.


Eiichiro continues his service game with a poor serve, hence allowing Oobayashi to break. On Oobayashi's second service game, he changes his tactics and reduces the speed of his serve. Coach Miura explains that "when you're an amateur, a fast ball is returned with a fast ball, and a slow ball is returned with a slow ball." Oobayashi uses the tactic and takes control of the match, leading a score of 5-1 in his favor.

In the last set, Eiichiro decides to focus all his senses on Oobayashi's movements and trajectory of the ball. This enabled him to predict Oobayashi's cross and score a point.