More than Expected (予想以上 Yosōijō) is the 11th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit


Eiichiro loses the match due to his lack of stamina but everyone is amazed on how he managed to fight against Oobayashi.


After Eiichiro starts moving according to Oobayashi's movements, he is able to catch up with the shots. He is able to return with relative easy and starts rallying. Eiichiro, realizing that he needs to focus, starts concentrating even more. The increase in rallying causes Oobayashi to get impatient and hit out. Takuma and the coach are also surprised by what they were seeing.

Suddenly Oobayashi hits a drop shot but Eiichiro sees through it and manages to hit it, surprising the coach. But the return smash hits him in face. Oobayashi apologizes for the shot and the match continues. Even though Eiichiro manages to keep up, he gets tired due to the lack of stamina. The match finishes after 67 minutes with Oobayashi's victory. Everyone, including Coach Miura is amazed by Eiichiro's skill and perseverance.