Just a Little Bit (ちょっとだけ Chottodake) is 12th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit


As he reflects on today's events, Eiichiro finally realizes his talent.


After the match is over, Natsu surprises Eiichiro from behind but he falls down due to lack of strength in his legs. He cannot face her properly and claims that he lost, to which Natsu sympathizes claiming its his first match. Oobayashi overhears and wonders what would have happened if Eiichiro had more stamina. Kageyama and Yukichi join them and they start chatting.

Eiichiro, then goes to see other matches, including Natsu's match. Natsu easily wins her match, leading Eiichiro to wonder if what she said about being nervous is really true. After the day's matches are over, Eiichiro returns home. His mother tells him to cheer up. Suddenly, he sees his father come out of the train in nearby station and learns from his mom about his eyes being as good as ever. When Eiichiro is writing his notes, he is shocked that he has a talent, which is something new for him. Suddenly feeling excited, he decides to go practice outside, worrying his mother.