Dangerous Territory (危険な領域 Kiken na Ryōiki) is the 20th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro uses his control while Miyagawa uses his strokes in order to beat each other in a one-set match.


The one-set match between Miyagawa and Eiichiro starts with Miyagawa's service game. Even when Eiichiro knows where the ball will go, he thinks that Miyagawa's ability is totally different from his previous opponents. Eiichiro decides to aim his attack on Miyagawa's serves using his control since the ball does not change directions much compared to Miyagawa's strokes. With this, Eiichiro barely manages to score against a seeded player.

Miyagawa remembers the time when he was a child, being frustrated as he loses every tennis match. His father feels that Miyagawa is being worked up because their family owns a tennis club and convinces him to do things at his own pace. Still, Miyagawa wants to become stronger and tries to hit shots with a full string - which later on, becomes his tennis style. While Miyagawa continues to use his strokes in full swing, Eiichiro uses his control and court covering to counter, resulting to a rally of shots. Coach Miura believes that Eiichiro has the chance to win this match, depending on how Eiichiro conquers his weakness.