Hypothesis (仮説 Kasetsu) is the 21st chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


While Miyagawa holds his service game easily, Eiichiro desperately holds his as he is always in defensive position on each game. At the 8th game, Miyagawa tries to break Eiichiro's service game.


Miyagawa manages to keep his first service game. Eiichiro manages to return every shot in spite of having a wimpy hit due to his control. Natsu asks the coach regarding Eiichiro's weakness. Coach Miura explains that while Eiichiro has practiced every tennis technique in the past year, Eiichiro does not have a winning shot, making him stuck in defensive. Eiichiro barely manages to keep his first service game.

In the following games, both Miyagawa and Eiichiro manage to keep their service game. While Miyagawa manages to keep it easily, Eiichiro is constantly struggling. As the match progresses to 8th game and Eiichiro's service game, Eiichiro feels anxious with the current results. He, then, realizes that Miyagawa is just testing him in the previous games and Miyagawa will try to break on the following service game. Eiichiro decides to change something so that he will not be caught on the trap.