Clash (衝突 Shōtotsu) is the 210th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Natsu's, Shimizu's and Eiichiro's parents have finally met and later, Natsu learns about Shimizu's crush on Eiichiro. As the third round is about to begin, Eiichiro reassures his mother that he will definitely win so that she will acknowledge his dream.


The following day, Eiichiro meets up with his mother. His mother asks many things like if he can play under this heat and about his next opponent but Eiichiro assures her that he can play. She wonders why Eiichiro seems to be restless until suddenly, Natsu, together with her parents, calls Eiichiro. Natsu introduces herself as Eiichiro's girlfriend and she also introduces her parents as well. She, then, introduces Eiichiro to her parents as well. Eiichiro's mother wonders how Eiichiro manages to date such a pretty girl. The parents start to talk about several things, making their children to be embarrassed.

On the other hand, Shimizu is asked by her mother to tell what causes her bad mood which Shimizu answers her that there is something to her more than just tennis. While her mother wonders on her answer, they see Natsu and Eiichiro, together with their parents and approach the group. Shimizu is surprised when she is called by Eiichiro, making her mother wonders the reason behind her reaction. Shimizu's mother talks to Eiichiro regarding to his yesterday's match until Shimizu calls out her attention for them to leave the place. While her mother asks on her problem, Shimizu feels embarrassed and ends up running away, making everyone confused.

While Coach Aoi and Natsu's and Eiichiro's parents are having a conversation, Natsu ponders on when Aki starts to have crush on Eiichiro, surprising Eiichiro. As she starts to feel jealous, she motivates herself not to lose to Shimizu.

Finally, the third round is about to start. Eiichiro reminds his mother that if she will acknowledge his dream if he wins the tournament. He assures her that he would definitely win so she has to watch carefully, making his mother surprised at his growth.