One Point Breakthrough (一点突破 Itten Toppa) is the 216th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

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With Ogata's determination to return to his original tennis style, Eiichiro starts to have a hard time to counter.


Ogata decides to use such backhand because aside from the fact that it was allowed by his doctor and his trainer, he does not want to hold back on this match. On the other hand, Eiichiro is surprised on Ogata's two-handed backhand but it means that he is still at advantage. Based on that thinking, Eiichiro decides to attack Ogata's backhand in order to differentiate Ogata's one-handed and two-handed backhand. Still, Ogata does not let Eiichiro to attack according to his own pace and ends up Eiichiro missing the aim.

Ogata cannot help but to feel impressed at Eiichiro as Eiichiro still manages to change the shot even though he is cornered - that each Eiichiro's shot has a meaning. At Eiichiro's point of view, Ogata should not be able to reach the ball with two-handed backhand but with Ogata's determination of not holding back, Ogata reaches the back and hits it with a finishing shot.

Ogata feels happy on how he can finally return to his original tennis style. With this, he manages to break Eiichiro's service game. Eiichiro starts to be alarmed on how good Ogata is - whether in forehand or in backhand, or even his footwork but as he realizes his anxiety, he immediately takes a deep breath to calm himself down. But at Ogata's service game, Eiichiro has having a hard time as Ogata's serves are faster now and Ogata decides to end this game quickly.