Danger (危険 Kiken) is the 22nd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

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Eiichiro manages to keep his service game by changing his pace.


On Eiichiro's first serve, he immediately moves up front after he hits his serve. He decides to move forward and change the pace since he cannot fight Miyagawa's strokes with his strokes. From Eiichiro's latest moves, Coach Miura thinks that Eiichiro has finally realized the situation and tries to change something. Since Eiichiro does not have a winning shot, he watches Miyagawa's form and uses his control to score.

Eiichiro accepts the fact that he loses on Miyagawa's strokes but he does not want to lose when it comes to competition itself. He remembers the time when he often loses on the third round. He knows that there is a deficiency in his abilities and wants to practice more but due to his hectic schedule, he feels depressing that he cannot do it. Eiichiro decides to start taking risks and keeps on using control on attacking Miyagawa. With this, Eiichiro barely manages to keep his service game.