A Winning Chance (勝算 Shōsan) is the 23rd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


With Eiichiro and Miyagawa's tenacity, the match goes to a tie-breaking match which Eiichiro feels that he finally sees the possibility to win.


Miyagawa is surprised that Eiichiro manages to keep his service game and wonders if Eiichiro realized something from his notes. Eiichiro himself is not relieved yet even though he managed to keep his service game as he still has to break down Miyagawa's strokes.

Miyagawa manages to hold his service game but Eiichiro gets three patterns of Miyagawa whenever Eiichiro moves up-court. Takuma is pissed off as he remembers his match against Eiichiro before - when Eiichiro starts to pay full attention on his moves . Coach Miura comments that Takuma should follow Eiichiro's example, that he should not give up.

The match continues until they reach the tie-breaking match. Eiichiro thinks that he has finally found the possibility to win this match.