Probability (確率 Kakuritsu) is the 24th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro manages to get the match point first from Miyagawa by using the attack Takuma used in their previous match. Eiichiro reluctantly tries to rely on his intuition to get the next point.


While Miyagawa is surprised on Eiichiro's last attack, he still feels that he will win the match as he has the advantage in this tie-breaker match. Since he does full swings from the start, he feels less pressure in adjusting his swings. In Eiichiro's case, he remembers Natsu's message for him before and starts on paying attention on his opponent.

Both Miyagawa and Eiichiro manage to keep their service games. While Miyagawa manages to do it calmly, Eiichiro is desperate to keep his serves. When the scores reach 5 - 5, Eiichiro is trying to keep his cool as this moment is what he is waiting for. After Miyagawa's hitting his return, Miyagawa gets surprised as Eiichiro does a sneak attack because he did not shift forward, resulting for Eiichiro to get the match point first. Takuma gets pissed as Eiichiro's last attack is the same attack Takuma did in the last Takuma vs Eiichiro's match. As for the next point, Eiichiro has no choice but to rely on his intuition and take risks in order to beat Miyagawa.