Victory or Defeat (勝敗 Shōhai) is the 25th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


With Eiichiro's risks and a bit stroke of luck, he manages to win the match against Miyagawa.


By relying on his intuition, Eiichiro sets himself in the court, assuming that Miyagawa will hit a wide serve; but instead, Miyagawa hits a center serve. Eiichiro is panicking as he cannot surprise Miyagawa and he is seriously at a disadvantage. On the other hand, Miyagawa considers Eiichiro's last attack but dismisses it and tries to focus on his serve instead. Miyagawa's serves cause fault, resulting for Eiichiro to regain his lead.

Eiichiro thinks that Miyagawa committed errors in his serves because he became wary on Eiichiro's risk. Eiichiro decides to take another risk and attack on his turn. In Miyagawa's case, he realizes that he had underestimated Eiichiro as Eiichiro decides to take risks in order to counterattack him. He decides to gather more of his confidence in order to win this match.

After Eiichiro desperately hits the flat stroke from Miyagawa, Miyagawa moves up the net and smashes the ball. On a bit stroke of luck, the ball hits Eiichiro's racket and moves on Miyagawa's side of the court. Miyagawa tries to go after the ball but failed, resulting for Eiichiro to gain another point and win the match.