Foreboding (予感 Yokan) is the 26th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


As Eiichiro feels that he did not win the match using his own abilities, he wants to improve his abilities for tomorrow's match.


The audience is surprised that Eiichiro won the match against Miyagawa as Miyagawa was the one who dicdated the whole game. Miyagawa tells Eiichiro that he did not expect such results but he did enjoy the match.

Natsu and Yukichi congratulate Eiichiro for winning the match but Eiichiro does not look happy at all. Eiichiro feels disappointed as he won the match through sheer of luck and Miyagawa was just cautious. Coach Miura assures Eiichiro that he is the deemed winner, even though he won by luck. While Eiichiro is going to the main office, he heard about the audience talking about his match against Miyagawa. Little by little, he is starting to feel happy on his win.

At the main office, Eiichiro reflects regarding on his match against Miyagawa. He approaches Coach Miura and wants to go STC immediately because he wants to create a winning shot for tomorrow's match. Coach Miura then suggests a plan that is more efficiently for one day instead of creating a winning shot. He calls out Natsu to introduce Eiichiro to Coach Mike, who will present at STC on that day.