Memory (思い出せ Omoidase) is the 27th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro meets up with Coach Mike for the first time in order to improve Eiichiro's mental state.


Natsu introduces Mike as a coach who is a sports psychologist who can help Eiichiro in improving his mental state. Coach Mike instructs Eiichiro to close his eyes and remembers the first time he met Natsu - initially by image, then later, includes the sounds and movements - reconstruct the whole situation. After Eiichiro remembers his moments with Natsu, Coach Mike instructs Eiichiro to prepare for ball practice.

At ball practice, Natsu and Eiichiro are surprised that his ball control is really bad. Coach Mike explains to Eiichiro that the previous activities (memories and ball practice) tell him how his memory and heart can affect his ability. With this, Coach Mike instructs Eiichiro to remember the times when he was at best but make sure he has to think something during a 20-second period. Eiichiro uses his tennis notes in order to remember more clearly the events when he was at best. As he is starting to remember the event more clearly, his hits are getting better but as he is starting to get tired, he feels more difficult to think. Coach Mike points out that tennis is a game when one must have a great control over the mental state. Eiichiro continues to train his mental state with Coach Mike.

At home, Eiichiro tries to review his notes to have a better grasp on what to think during those 20-second period but instead, he ends up sleeping.