A Break (ブレイク Bureiku) is the 28th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


After a day of intense practice, Eiichiro wins his match against Terashima with a large margin. While waiting for his racket to be fixed, he wonders how Iwasa, his next opponent, draws on the court during the match.


The day before Eiichiro's next match, Eiichiro is busy creating a winning shot together with Yukichi and Coach Miura. After the practices, Coach Mike approaches Eiichiro to give Coach Mike's email address in case of inquiries.

On the day of the match, people are talking about Miyagawa and Eiichiro's match and decided to take a look on Eiichiro's next match. Terashima did not expect that he will face a non-seeded player instead of Miyagawa. Whatever the case, this match is a deciding factor for him. On the other hand, Eiichiro reviews his notes about Terashima.

Sasaki and Kageyama are running late on Eiichiro's match. Kageyama assures Sasaki that they can make it as Eiichiro's matches are usually long. When they arrive, the match is already finished and Eiichiro wins the match with a large margin. Kageyama asks Eiichiro on what had happened but Eiichiro did not know himself. All he knows is that he feels incredible for that day.

Eiichiro goes to the tennis shop as his tennis gut broke in his last match. Inside the shop, he sees Iwasa, reading another book. He introduces himself as Iwasa's next opponent but Iwasa gives a cold response. Later, after Iwasa left the place, Eiichiro learns that Iwasa feels the happiest whenever he draws on the court. Eiichiro wonders how Iwasa does it during a match.