I'll Become Stronger (強くなるよ Tsuyoku Naruyo) is the 3rd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Natsu learns that Eiichiro is practicing all day to perfect the shot. She believes that Eiichiro will become a very strong player that may even surpass them in the future.


Eiichiro is shocked to see Natsu and Takuma kissing and wonders if they are in a relationship. He is relieved when he sees it was a misunderstanding and Natsu was just removing something from Takuma's hair. Takuma leaves but before Natsu can leave, Kageyama arrives looking for Eiichiro. Natsu hears him and comes to see what Eiichiro is doing. Natsu suddenly spots Eiichiro Notes Tennis Edition and is surprised to know that Eiichiro has been practicing all day with Kageyama helping him perfect his shot. She tells them that its a method adopted by professionals. After, a while, Natsu leaves and Kageyama asks Eiichiro if he likes Natsu, only for Eiichiro to give a shocked reaction. They go home and Eiichiro finishes his studies, planning to go practice tomorrow again.

Next day, on her way to Southern Tennis Club, Natsu sees Eiichiro practicing against a wall. At Southern Tennis Club, Takuma defeats a player and is resting when Coach Miura comes to him. He lectures Takuma for resting but to no avail as Takuma doesn't listen. Suddenly a ball comes Takuma's way and he stops it skillfully, causing coach to worry as his skill is national level but his attitude is negligent. When he calls Natsu and some other members for training, hearing Natsu's name, Takuma also decides to go.

On her way back home after practice, Natsu is shocked to see Eiichiro still practicing even after 6 hours. She continues to watch for a while and sees him hit a perfect shot. She is further shocked when she tries to call him but he doesn't listen due to his superb concentration while practicing. Takuma arrives there and questions for why Natsu is paying so much attention to him, to which she replies that Eiichiro will become a very strong player and if they slack off, he will surpass them. At first, Takuma takes it as a joke but she claims that she is sure of it.