Suppression (制圧 Seiatsu) is the 313rd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

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Ei-chan overwhelms Tamakoshi, who isn't able to predict where the next ball will go due to Ei-chan's diverse attack patterns. Ei-chan wins 6-2, 6-1. The onlookers are surprised that a high schooler overwhelmed a pro. Ei-chan turns to look in the direction of his mom, Kageyama, and company and makes a triumphant pose. Takuma leaves in silence. Ei-chan shakes hands with Tamakoshi, the match ends, and Ei-chan heads for his mom and the others. His mom is incredulous that he managed to beat a pro. While everyone's talking, Iwasa comes over and tells Ei-chan that Takuma had been watching until a little while ago. Ei-chan's surprised and wonders if Takuma had come to scout. The reporter Miyamoto comes over, and requests an interview. Apparently his magazine is planning to feature other players of Ike's generation and Miyamoto's trying to select who to feature. Miyagawa and Oobayashi are watching Ide's match. As usual for an Ide match, the audience gets excited because of Ide's strong plays at the last moment. Ide's opponent is Oobayashi's senpai who made it to the Best 4 in the intercollegiate, so Oobayashi's surprised by Ide's strength. Araya comes over and comments that Ide's also going full throttle. Kanda and Nabae also won theirs. It seems that when Ide went to Spain, he'd strengthened the lower half of his body considerably. Miyagawa's impressed. Miyamoto shows up and requests an interview with Araya. 

At the coliseum, Tamakoshi sits with his head down. Yamashita goes over and says he lost to Kanda; he was apparently beaten by Kanda's power and stamina. Tamakoshi's teary-eyed. He swipes his arm(s) over his eyes. Then asks Yamashita to practice with him from now on. The first day of the All Japan Tennis Championship ends. All the high school students taking part won. And starting the second day the seeded players will enter.