The Battle Starts Now (ここからの戦い Koko kara no Tatakai) is the 35th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


While Eiichiro is training for his next match against Araya, Coach Miura informs him that he must know his opponent's weakness. Eiichiro decides to ask Takuma who was never beaten by Araya.


Eiichiro is practing on dealing with high speed and power in preparation for his match against Araya. Coach Miura stops Eiichiro from practice as his fatigue may cause negative effect for his tomorrow's match. Coach Miura then suggests to get information about Araya's weakness as Eiichiro's luck may not work on Araya, unlike in his previous matches against Miyagawa and Iwasa. Eiichiro tries to ask Yukichi about it but Yukichi suggests to ask Takuma as Araya has never beat Takuma.

On the day of the tournament, Eiichiro feels depressed as he never managed to find Araya's weakness. Miyagawa tells Eiichiro that by knowing the weakness of the opponent, not only it gives proof that both Eiichiro and Araya are stronger now but it gives an idea on how to deal with Eiichiro's weakness as well.

Eiichiro continues to search for Takuma when he overheard Araya and Takuma's conversation. Araya tells Takuma that when Araya loses to Takuma, Araya will give up as a pro. After Araya leaves, Eiichiro approaches Takuma and asks about Araya's weaknesses. Eiichiro expects that Takuma will not tell him but surprisingly, Takuma gives them (with ulterior motives involved). With the information Eiichiro receives from Takuma, he manages to formulate a strategic plan against Araya.