Sudden Shot (いきなり弾丸 Ikinari Dangan) is the 4th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro has to hit Takuma's serves even though he has just started playing tennis.


Eiichiro is at the school and the teacher gives him notes to distribute in the class, also asking if he would like to stand for the position of Student Council President. Eiichiro replies that he will think about it and leaves. On his way back to class, he sees Takuma being scolded by a teacher. The teacher questions Takuma for having cigarettes with him, which he denies claiming that he smokes a different one. Takuma gets angry when the teacher mentions tennis but his friends hurry and take him away. Takuma looks at Eiichiro making a teacher question if Ei-chan knows Takuma and he advises Ei-chan not to become like Takuma.

Later at STC, Eiichiro is playing and his current place is at Court D along with 9 elementary school kids. Eiichiro plays Yuki but is defeated after a few returns. Another member tells Eiichiro that his returns are weak and advises Eiichiro to watch Takuma's serves in order to understand. Eiichiro wonders where Natsu is while watching Takuma's serve and is surprised with the speed. He notes down speed and time for Takuma's serves and wonders why he acts like a delinquent. This prompts him to ask if Takuma wants to become a pro. Takuma gets angry and grabs Eiichiro, only to leave when coach arrives. When Eiichiro questions reason for his anger, Takuma tells him to forget if anything happened. When the coach scolds him, Takuma tells Eiichiro that he will show him his serve 50 times and if he can return even one, he will tell him the reason. He further bets that if he fails to hit even once, Eiichiro will let him hit once, to which Eiichiro accepts.