I Understand (わかった Wakatta) is the 5th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Due to Natsu's advice, Eiichiro has determined how to hit Takuma's powerful serve.


Eiichiro is ready to face Takuma's serve believing that he has been practicing for a month now, but is shocked as the speed of the serve is greater than before. He asks the spectators who tell him that earlier was just practice. This further shocks Eiichiro who keeps running away from all the serves. Eiichiro focuses on his basics in order to hit it properly, but he still can't keep up with the speed of the serves and misses it.

He asks for permission to check his notes but is only allowed for 20 seconds at one time. He is somehow able to connect to the ball but is overpowered and falls back. He tries to do the same by using both hands but still fails to return the ball. Suddenly, Natsu arrives at the court wondering what is happening. Natsu watches Eiichiro try to return some balls and advises him to meet the ball rather than chasing it. While Eiichiro tries to figure out what she said, Takuma gets more aggressive. Eiichiro tries to move closer but mistimes the positioning and the ball hits his face. Everyone is surprised and gets worried but Eiichiro suddenly starts laughing, scaring them. But Eiichiro believes that he understood the way to return properly.