Can You See It? (見えてるのか? Mie Terunoka?) is the 6th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Coach Miura realizes Eiichiro's ability to write every path of Takuma's serve and asks Eiichiro to participate in a tennis competition.


Eiichiro is confident that he understood Natsu's advice after getting hit on face, but seeing him laughing everyone creeps out if he is alright. On Takuma's next serve, Eiichiro is able to meet properly but the ball flies out of the court, straight to the spectators. When the next return hits the net and falls on Eiichiro's side, everyone is surprised and wonder if he can actually pull it off. Coach Miura is shocked as a rookie who played for a month should not be able to return Takuma's serves. He wonders just how well can Eiichitou see the serves to be able to manage a return shot.

The returns start getting better, but keep going out by small distances. Finally, at the last serve, everyone wonders if Ei-chan can actually pull it off, but Takuma serves a outgoing slice serve which Ei-chan cannot even reach. After the serves, Eiichiro asks about Takuma hitting him, but he leaves, saying that he doesn't feel like hitting anymore. Later, Eiichiro realizes that he forgot to ask the reason for his anger. The coach sees Eiichiro's notebook and is amazed to see that Eiichiro has made path of Takuma's every serve. Eiichiro thanks Natsu for her advice but wonders about how he will practice returns against a wall, to which Natsu smiles and asks him if he had fun. While they are talking, the coach comes and asks Eiichiro if he wants to take part in the Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit which starts next month.