The Life Changing Summer (人生を変えるナツ Jinsei Wo Kae Ru Natsu) is the 7th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro prepares himself for his first tennis competition.


It is the month of July and the intensity is high on the courts as everyone is preparing for the upcoming tournaments. On the other hand, Eiichiro is still practicing on his basic return shot in the Court D. After working too hard, Eiichiro ends up passing out. When he wakes up, Coach Miura gives him the draws for Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit and compliments him for having good eye sight claiming he is looking forward to his matches. Suddenly, a guy comes and surprised Eiichiro saying that his first match is against a tough opponent. He introduces himself and tells Eiichiro more about Ryou Oobayashi, who is the 5th seed at the tournament. Eiichiro gets down on confidence after hearing all that, when Yukichi further shocks him that Takuma is 1st seed and Natsu is also 1st seed in the female division. He further calls Ei-chan Aniki and tells him more about the division of tournaments.

Seeing so many strong players around him, Eiichiro is down on confidence when Natsu surprises him from behind. He tells her that he is nervous and goes on to say that she is top seed, so she won't be nervous, which upsets her. She replies that since everyone says things like that, it makes her nervous. She, then asks Eiichiro to cheer for her. Eiichiro promises to do so, and Natsu responds that she will also cheer for him. Eiichiro starts to practice with his renewed determination. Soon the mid-terms pass, and summer vacation starts and the day of competition arrives. Eiichiro's mother asks if she should come to watch him, but he refuses.