Not the Usual Place (いつもと違う場所 Itsumoto Chigau Basho) is the 8th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro's first tennis match against Oobayashi is about to start.


Eiichiro goes to make his debut after 4 months of starting tennis. He goes early to the tournament and checks in, but they ask him to play early since his opponent, Ryou Oobayashi, is also there and it might rain later. While Eiichiro gets nervous, Oobayashi and his friends are wondering if Eiichiro is strong or weak. Natsu calls out Eiichiro to compliment him for his outfit and tells him that everyone is here for his commemoration day. Suddenly seeing all strong players and even Takuma, Oobayashi and his group start wondering if Eiichiro is really strong. Since STC is very famous, everyone starts looking at them, which makes Eiichiro nervous. He decides to go hit some light balls, but everyone gives different ideas which make him even more confused.

There is an announcement calling players to court and Eiichiro panics even more, but Takuma comes and kicks him in the head telling him to get up and play the match. Eiichiro enters the court and remembers that he has worked hard for 4 months. He assures himself that he has entered the court where no one can help him anymore and he has to fight all by himself.